Heather Bythesea

Crazy Little Spring Called Love

“Cherry Blossoms in the Wind”

Cherry looks forward to her twenty-first birthday, the magical age when she will be given her place amongst the trees of her world. As the ceremony dawns she is given an unthinkable answer to her plea —she is not welcome in their grove and must find another place. As she wanders alone, she meets Benjamin, a man from across the sea.

Through their forbidden love, heartache, and commitment, their love story becomes something passed through the ages as something only those truly devoted can understand or believe.


Mother, Author, Woman – Heather Bythesea writes fantasies, cozy mysteries, and romances filled with phenomenal women and the world surrounding their adventures. Come join them! Fans can connect with her via her Twitter account @HBytheseaAuthor or her Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/Bythesea.Author