A.E. Hayes

Crazy Little Spring Called Love

“A Siren’s Song of Spring”

Spring 17 Interior Image AH F.1She is sworn to sing men to their deaths. Until one sails into her heart.

Young siren Mariana, along with her two older sisters Piceana and Ariella, has been upholding the tradition of their immortal kind for hundreds of thousands of years: to sing sailors a sweet, sad, and ultimately fatal song as they navigate their ships around the rocky coasts and caves near Paestum, Italy.

Mariana has always followed her orders in an effort to retain her immortality, as well as to follow the will of her father, Tyrrhenius, who has forbidden his three remaining daughters to ever depart from the coastal waters. But when The Aurora, a ship sailed by a young man named Orion, passes by on a windy April afternoon, Mariana is strangely attracted to the mortal being upon it.

Despite the fact that she is forbidden to have any connection to a mortal man, she longs to use her voice for good. Will she betray her people, allowing herself to be washed over by love? Or will she betray her feelings and sing young Orion to his untimely death?

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A.E. Hayes is a professionally trained opera singer and published author. She has been featured under various pseudonyms in myriad anthologies, poetry collections, music magazines, and newspapers, and is currently working on her 6th novel, “On Common Ground,” as well as a collection of supernatural stories titled “The Eynes Anthology.” She studied English, Music, and Writing at Hood College, where she earned her B.A., and later studied Fiction Writing at The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. A.E. resides in Maryland with her husband and son, and when she isn’t writing or singing, she spends her time drinking far too much coffee, logging miles by pacing around the living room floor in order to make her Fitbit happy, studying the violin, and plotting ideas for several new projects (which usually happens during her living room pacing time). She can be contacted at theredgreenillusion@gmail.com, on Twitter as @AE_Hayes, or at www.mandihayesmusic.com.